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new [noo, nyoo]

adjective, new•er, new•est.

1. of recent origin; having but lately been brought into being: a new song

2. having but lately or but now come into knowledge.


seventies [sev-uh- n-tees]


1. numbers, years, degrees, or the like from 70 through 79.

2. the greatest era in modern music; The greatest singer/songwriters lived in The Seventies.

What it is.

New '70s is new music, by new artists that is highly influenced by the singer/songwriters of the 1970's (and the late '60s). It is made to be relevant to the same folks who bought the 100's of millions of records in that era. It also has many sub-genres including R&B, Hard Rock, Country, Blues, etc., and has an evergrowing artist, writer, and fan base.


New '70s is a movement within the music industry to create a new genre that will produce music for a forgotten audience, and provide an outlet for 1000's of writers and artists who have world-class music siiting idle.

Who's it for?

New '70s is for everyone who misses the music of  'Bread', Cat Stevens, Elton John, 'America', Carole King, 'Paul McCartney and Wings', Jim Croce, Todd Rundgren, 'Earth Wind and Fire', and many, many others.

It runs the gamut from the softer style of 'Carpenters' to 'Led Zeppelin' and 'Deep Purple'.


There are an estimated 125 million "Baby Boomers" and Gen X'ers" in the U.S. alone that , we believe, have been ignored by the industry. 

Who's making this music?

New '70s is currently being released by such major artists as 'Five For Fighting', Michael Buble', John Mayer, 'Wilco', Rob Thomas , Adam Levine ("Lost Stars)". Major Indie artists include Rumer, Diane Birch, and 'The Pierces'.


Brand new artists who are releasing are 'The Robertson Brothers', Pamela McNeill, 'The Multi-Tracks', 'KATTL', Sam Mullins, and many more. We will continue to update and post links to new artists and writers on this site.


Songs such as Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" are a great example of what a New '70s song sounds like.

What it's not!

New '70s is not re-recorded, re-packaged "oldies" by classic artists, nor is it an attempt to go back to the times, styles, or fashions of the '70s. It's not about disco or anti-war songs, but it is about great melodies and songs that are strong enough to "time-stamp" your life!


It is NOT old music for old people, but is written with old school heart, and recorded to the highest current technical standards...

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